To all people of Tower Hamlets who have nothing to gain
Neither Bush, Blair nor Bin Laden


No Third World War

The attacks on Afghanistan mean certain death for many thousands along with suffering and starvation for people in Afghanistan who have already endured decades of war plus unthinkable repression under Taliban. Bush and Blair have made it clear that these attacks are just one phase in the 'war on terrorism' which could include military action against other countries with unknown consequences. A US victory in this war will not honour the memory of those who died in the horrific hijacking attacks in America. A US defeat will not liberate the oppressed of the Middle East.
This war will make no one safer. The only thing we know for sure is that whatever our rulers decide, this war offers nothing to the majority of people around the world except increased repression, exploitation and for thousands or even millions, an early grave.

No Race War

In Tower Hamlets people have already been living with the consequences of this new war with attacks on Muslims and increased racism, spreading fear between neighbours. At the same time many are worried about terrorist attacks in London and are afraid for their families in other parts of the world.
We can fight terror through solidarity, breaking down the barriers between us, opposing racism, nationalism, authoritarianism and the war.

No Borders

We are being asked to line up with Democracy or Islam, to tolerate war and make sacrifices in the name of a nation, race, religion or civilisation. In this way, those who possess not much more than their hands to work with are divided amongst themselves in the interests of multi-millionaire terrorists like Bush and Bin Laden, each with their plans for concentrating power and wealth.
The "War on Terrorism" is being used to terrorise us into accepting increased repression and exploitation - CCTV and anti-terrorism laws, a harsher immigration regime, mass layoffs and falling wages. Don't let them grind us down! The moves by the unions and labour to prevent strikes in the name of national unity show that now is a good time for strikes or other workplace action. One way to undermine immigration controls is to give practical support individually to refugees. Another is to join together to take direct action against immigration controls, such as physically preventing deportations.

Another world is possible. Do what you can to break down the barriers.
Don't take sides in their war

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